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2016 Honda CBR1000RR ABS

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  • Close-ratio six-speed transmission
  • Unit Pro-Link rear suspension features a patented Balance Free Rear Shock from Showa that incorporates a unique double-tube design featuring a damper case plus an internal cylinder for more-responsive, smoother damping action and a smoother transition between compression and rebound, resulting in improved traction and road holding.
  • Super-light aluminum-alloy hollow-spoke wheels feature race-spec 3.5 x 17-inch front and 6.0 x 17-inch rear dimensions.
  • Final Drive : #530 O-ring-sealed chain
  • The cylinder head on the CBR1000RR’s 999.8 cc 16-valve engine features polished inlet and exhaust ports and “gas-flowed” combustion chambers to improve efficiency. Gas-flowing (flow-testing on an air-flow bench) improves both the quality and quantity of airflow at high rpm when air resistance becomes much greater, thereby increasing combustion efficiency and outright power. The valve seats have been matched to the cylinder head and the intake funnels are “slash cut”, a design used in World Superbike.
  • A nickel-silicon carbide (Ni-SiC) surface treatment on the cylinder walls reduces friction and improves reliability.
  • PGM-DSFI electronic fuel injection ensures precise air/fuel delivery and crisp and predictable throttle response, especially at low speeds and low rpm. At throttle openings of up to 25%, PGM-DSFI is programmed to produce relatively fine and consistent changes in power and torque output – perfect for extracting maximum drive at extreme lean angles. As throttle openings become larger, the changes in output become progressively greater. The overall result is an engine that responds with superior accuracy to throttle input and produces highly usable, linear acceleration.
  • The MotoGP-derived Assist Slipper Clutch helps to ensure confident downshifting and deceleration as well as quick clutch re-engagement and light lever action. This clutch design not only provides slip in off-throttle conditions, but also positive lock under power.
  • The CBR1000RR’s die-cast aluminum twin-spar frame provides the strength and rigidity required for Superbike-spec handling, while its light weight contributes to the bike’s impressive power-to-weight ratio. Tightly wrapped around the engine, it’s also configured for optimum mass centralization – a guiding principle of Honda’s design philosophy for both racing and on-road motorcycles.
  • The 43 mm fork incorporates Showa’s latest Big Piston technology with a larger damping-oil volume to effectively reduce the hydraulic pressure generated as the fork legs compress and extend. The result is more precise action during the initial stroke and smoother overall damping action for improved handling, enhanced front-end feedback, and a more solid feel during hard braking.
  • The aluminum gull-wing swingarm is deliberately long and combines with the MotoGP-derived Unit Pro-Link rear suspension to deliver outstanding traction and rider feedback.
  • The second-generation Honda Electronic Steering Damper (HESD) monitors speed and tailors damping force accordingly. It enhances stability at high speed by minimizing the effect of sudden steering-input changes, while also leaving the steering unrestricted – and light – at low speed.
  • The CBR1000RR is equipped with the world’s first Electronically Controlled Combined ABS for sportbikes. This innovative system combines the benefits of anti-lock brakes and linked front and rear brakes to improve both braking control and safety — all without interfering with cornering ability or other aspects of sport performance. The system measures rider input on both the front brake lever and rear brake pedal (plus data from other sensors), then using sophisticated electronics and two separate power units, generates up to the maximum braking force on both wheels while also preventing wheel lockup. An innovative stroke simulator helps to maintain the same sort of feel at the brake lever and pedal as you’re used to. Combine this with the small size and weight of the components, and you have one amazing system. Full braking performance immediately available, giving you that extra peace of mind.
  • Le système de freins comprend deux étriers 4-pistons à montage radial avec disques de 320 mm à l'avant et un disque de 220 mm avec étrier simple piston à l'arrière, pour une puissance de freinage exceptionnelle.
  • Centrally mounted 17.7-litre fuel tank is positioned low in the frame, improving mass centralization and allowing for a more compact design.
Additional Features


  • Lightweight maintenance-free battery.
  • Layered fairing design improves the flow of air through the cooling system and also creates a large pocket of calm air around the rider for better comfort. An integrated chin spoiler in the nose reduces aerodynamic lift to improve handling.
  • Warranty : 12 months, unlimited mileage, freely transferable warranty; extended coverage available with Honda Plus
  • Multi-function LCD instrument panel communicates important information, plus includes a lap timer with memory function, five-level shift indicator, user-selectable modes for tachometer display, gear position indicator and more.
  • Front tires : 120/70ZR - 17 radial, Rear tires : 190/50ZR-17 radial
  • Seat Height : 820 mm (32.3 in.)
  • Wheelbase : 1,410 mm (55.5 in.)
  • Curb Weight : 210 kg (463 lbs.) including required fluids and full tank of gas - ready to ride
  • Fuel Capacity : 17.5 litres
  • Colour : Matte Black Metallic
  • Line-beam headlight features a two-piece reflector design utilizing two H7 bulbs for optimum light distribution and a unique compact design.
  • LED taillights are both stylish and highly visible.
  • A compact car-style wave-design ignition key offers improved security and greatly reduces the chance of breakage.
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