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2017 Honda Montesa Cota 4RT260 SPECIAL EDITION

Bringing trials performance to life

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  • Close-ratio five-speed transmission
  • Final Drive : #520 Chain; 10T/41T
  • The Cota 4RT260 uses an exclusive Honda 259 cc liquid-cooled 4-valve Unicam engine that was designed and tuned specifically for the unique demands of trials riding, including the need for ultra-strong low-rpm power.
  • A high-pressure fuel pump helps to boost midrange and top-end performance while maintaining the engine’s excellent power delivery at low rpm.
  • Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) with a narrow, high-velocity 28 mm throttle body ensures rapid fuel/air flow and precise cylinder filling, resulting in crisp power delivery that’s easy to modulate – so critical in trials riding.
  • Battery-less digital ignition includes a bank-angle sensor to switch off the ignition when the motorcycle is lying horizontal.
  • Precise mapping of the ignition system’s ECU gives the engine a consistent power curve, particularly in the low and mid ranges.
  • A crankcase decompression system limits engine braking when closing the throttle for improved rider control, making the bike feel lighter and easier to handle.
  • The radiator fan is positioned in a manner that promotes evacuation of dirt, pebbles or other objects and prevents blockage of the fan itself.
  • Gearing in the close-ratio five-speed transmission was selected to perfectly match the engine’s powerband so you always have the perfect gear for whatever section you’re riding.
  • Traction different from one section to the next? No problem. The Cota's ECU lets you choose between two ignition maps with the flick of a handlebar-mounted switch.
  • The Cota 4RT260 features an aluminum chassis with a gorgeous finish, showcasing classic Montesa styling and impeccable manufacturing quality.
  • Every component was painstakingly designed to be as compact and to fit as tightly as possible, resulting in a bike that’s incredibly svelte and smooth, with a minimum of jutting surfaces to inhibit your movement.
  • The 32-spoke rear wheel features an innovative system incorporating central-adjustment spokes for a significant weight reduction. The system also allows the Cota to use a tubeless rear tire.
  • Wide, adjustable footrests provide extra grip and confidence in the toughest sections.
  • The Repsol Race Replica edition steps up to a premium Showa competition-spec fork.
  • At the back, the Race Replica edition features a competition-spec Showa adjustable shock.
  • Compact and lightweight front brake system uses a 4-piston caliper (monoblock on the Race Replica edition), 183 mm rotor and sintered metal pads. The rear brake features a 2-piston caliper, 150 mm hydraulic disc and sintered metal pads.
Other Specifications


  • Seat Height : 650 mm (25.6 in.)
  • Wheelbase : 1,321 mm (52 in.)
  • Curb Weight : 74.3 kg (163.7 lbs.) including required fluids and full tank of gas - ready to ride
  • Fuel Capacity : 1.9 litres
  • Weighing just 74.2 kg (163.7 lb) with fuel, the Cota 4RT260 is a cutting-edge trials bike – the perfect combination of Honda’s engine technology and Montesa’s world-championship trials experience.
  • The 4RT260 includes an easily installed additional seat that incorporates a handy storage area, so you can use your Cota for both serious competition and fun play riding.
  • The Repsol Race Replica edition comes equipped with beautiful carbon-fibre guards on the fork, engine cases and muffler that look trick and provide additional protection.
  • Tires : Front: 2.75-21 Michelin Trail Competition Rear: 4.00-18 Michelin Trail Competition X11
  • Colour : Repsol Team Replica
  • Ground Clearance : 335 mm (13.2 in.)
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