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2015 Honda PCX150 BASE

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The best-selling motorized two-wheeler in Europe is a Honda PCX. An interesting fact, given that Europeans know a thing or two about scooters. They have long recognized the user-friendly convenience, low cost of operation, low carbon footprint and the high fun factor that scooters bring to everyday transportation. Well it seems more and more Canadian city dwellers are figuring out that scooters may just be the perfect solution to high fuel prices, the high cost of parking and ever-increasing urban gridlock. With improved styling, even better fuel economy and a number of detailed improvements for 2015, the PCX may turn out to be Canada's best choice for commuting too.


  • Durable tubular steel underbone frame features a short 1,315 mm wheelbase and optimized steering geometry to provide nimble handling and a stable, comfortable experience for rider and passenger.
  • The low-slung fuel tank is mounted under the floorboards to keep the center of gravity low, enhancing maneuverability around urban obstacles.
  • A tight 2m turning radius, allows easy manoeuvring in tricky spaces, while 5-spoke 14” cast aluminum wheels add stability and rider confidence. Special Dunlop tires – with a compound designed to reduce drag – are fitted and contribute toward improved fuel efficiency.
  • A commanding view of the road from the broad, plush seat helps you choose the best path through urban congestion.
  • An advanced Combined Braking System links the front and rear wheels for balanced stopping when pedestrians or other road users do the unexpected.


  • The lightweight and compact liquid-cooled SOHC two-valve 153 cc engine powering the PCX150 offers high durability with excellent performance, plus quiet, smooth operation and reduced CO2 production.
  • The engine layout is built around a host of low-friction technologies working in harmony. An offset cylinder reduces friction caused by contact between piston and bore efficiently transmitting combustion energy to the crankshaft. A ‘spiny’ cast-iron sleeve – with tiny surface extensions – reduces distortion of the inner bore diameter allowing lowered tension in the piston rings, reducing friction. A shell-type needle bearing is used for the rocker arm shaft while small and light rollers work in conjunction with carefully chosen cam profiles and low tension valve springs to minimize valvetrain friction.
  • A compact combustion chamber and PGM-FI fuel injection system optimize burning rate, tailoring torque characteristics to suit the rpm ranges typically used in urban situations.
  • A compact high-efficiency radiator – integrated into the exterior of the right-side crankcase – employs a small, light fan reducing frictional losses, lowering drag.
  • The electronically controlled brushless ACG starter is an integrated component mounted directly on the end of the crankshaft. Serving as both starter motor and alternator it spins the engine directly when starting eliminating noise from starter gear engagement.
  • A V-Matic wide-ratio continuously variable transmission employs a quiet, durable drive belt, manufactured from high-elasticity rubber, delivering efficient drive to the rear wheel.
  • Rolling resistance within the transmission unit is reduced by the use of three low-friction main bearings, each specifically designed to deal with the loads it individually receives.
Additional Features


  • Sporty but elegant styling is never out of place and is complimented by full LED lighting for 2015.
  • Protective bodywork sweeps back into generous floorboards for the feet, that help shield the rider from urban grime.
  • Convenient, spacious under-seat storage area easily accommodates a laptop or most full-face helmets.
  • Opening both the seat and fuel lid is via one-touch switches. The seat features a sprung hinge so it stays up when open.
  • A central console presents all the information within a neat, concise design. Speed is displayed by a luminous needle moving around the outside of the LCD panel, which contains an odometer, trip meter, fuel gauge, plus the new for 2015 fuel efficiency meter and clock.
  • Handy glove compartment up front allows quick access to the essentials gum, sun glasses, cell phone, wallet or even a bottle of water.
  • 12V power outlet in the glove compartment allows convenient charging of personal electronics.
  • A hazard function that flashes all four turn signals provides additional conspicuity when needed.
Other Specifications


  • Tires : 90/90 - 14 front; 100/90 - 14 rear
  • Seat Height : 760 mm (29.9 in.)
  • Wheelbase : 1,315 mm (51.8 in.)
  • Curb Weight : 130 kg (286 lb) including required fluids and full tank of gas - ready to ride
  • Fuel Capacity : 8 litres
  • Colour : Candy Noble Red, Bright Bronze Metallic


  • Tall Windshield


  • Automatic V-Matic transmission
  • Final Drive : Belt
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