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  • Jacques Marion

    Thanks to Mario Martel (sales) and Carole Michaud (financing) leasing a new CRV was a pleasurable experience. Mario explained everyone of the abundance of features in the 2017 CRV, his professionalism and great personality was outstanding. Mario not only explained the features but made sure we understood by coaching my wife and I through all the steps required until we felt confident that we could do them on our own. What also impressed me about Mario is that he took al the time necessary to make our experience stress free and very enjoyable. Thanks again Mario, you are the best. Thanks also to Carole for her part in taking care of all the legal matters, her professionalism, her good personality and her ability to make us feel comfortable was exceptional.

Faye Petersen Tammy was amazing and super helpful. Made the experience much easier for me, it was my first time buying a car :)...
Annie Roy Mon expérience chez Bathurst Honda à été extraordinaire! Je suis une cliente loyale de Honda depuis plusieurs année...
randy godin
Just bought a nice snowblower from Johanne, amazing service, everything went fast and simple. Thank you so much I am...
Mario Arseneault