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  • leo ferron

    Hi, my name is Leo.....i'm in a wheelchair since 2010,....i though for me owning a side by side was impossible. I cruised many times the powerhouse lot at Bathurst Honda....Till one day i talk to Shawn Gauthier. I told him i wanted a side by side but with my wheelchair it was hard to transfer in and out ...i mentioned to him the video i've seen on youtube about a lift seat ,..also a hand control like my car.....Shawn took it personal,..he had experience in his own family with disability...next day or so ,he really surprise me..He made a few phone calls and came up with a plan to install me a lift seat and handcontrol.......I'm proud to say i'm the first one in this area to have a side by side adapted for a paraplegic,...In a scale 1 to 10 i give Shawn a 15...He went beyond and better my quality of life............Bonjours, mon nom c'est Leo...je suis en chaise roullante depuis 2010', j'ai cruiser le powerhouse lot chez Bathirst Honda plusieurs fois...avoir un side by side pour moi etais impossible..jusqu'a ce que Shawn Gautier ce presente..je lui explique c'est trop difficile de transferer..je lui parle d'un video sur youtube avec un seat lift avec hand control....Shawn a pris ca tres personnelle car dans sa famille il a vecu la disabilite..quelque jours apres il m'appelle avec une surprise .avec ces .coups de telephones ils me fais un plan pour mon side by side adapter avec hancontrol et seat lift..je suis fier d'etre le premier dans la region avec un side by side adapter pour un paraplegic....sur une echelle de 1 a 10 Shawn je te donne 15..tu t'es surpasser et t'as ameliorer ma qualite de vie.

S Gio Tres satisfait de mon 4 roue merci Sebastien
Daina Russell Just bought a HR-V from Derek, definitely the best service ever!! Really happy with my purchase! Thank
Marcel roy
Danny Brideau Bon service...de bonnehumeur...sebastien Lebrun vendeur powerhouse aprend a bien connaitre cest client afin donner un...
Faye Petersen Tammy was amazing and super helpful. Made the experience much easier for me, it was my first time buying a car :)...