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  • Nh Drysdale

    Tina and I had been searching for an Accord at all the dealers in Halifax area. Being from Halifax we thought Bathurst would be a bit far away to seriously consider dealing with. I gave Bathurst Honda a call in regards to one of their cars and was connected with Jessica Pitre who went above and beyond. Her professionalism and honesty were truly outstanding. PIctures on the website were good (standard) but Jessica went that next step and took video of the car concentrating on areas I was interested in. I cannot put into words the appreciation we have for her work. We had the car delivered, sight unseen, going on Jessica's input. We were not disappointed. Bathurst Honda you have a valuable asset there in Jessica. Thank you again so much Nelson Drysdale

dominic Jutras Bon service à la clientèle, et professionnalisme
Greg Lewis I live in Edmonton and brokered a deal over the phone and email with Jessica Pitre for my Mother who lives in...
Tamara McAleer
Rodney Hickey hi, i recently perchased a used truck from jessica at bathurst honda and i receivd everything they promised they...
S Gio Tres satisfait de mon 4 roue merci Sebastien