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  • Fleet Program

    Let us help you take your business to the next level!

    Honda consistently ranks among the leaders in resale value and safety, add to this our unmatched customer service and you will have the best experience possible. Our sales consultants will assist you in making the right choice within our huge inventory. That means chances are if you need it we will have it – and at the best price anywhere. Once you have your vehicle(s), our trained team of professionals will provide a support and take good care of you and your fleet.

    Keep your company on the road and in control with Bathurst Honda!

    Eligible Purchasers

    • Driving Schools
    • Registered Non-Profit Organizations
    • Registered Charities
    • National Corporate
    • Car Sharing Services (i.e. Autoshare)
    • Federal, Provincial and Municipal Government agencies
    • Local Business

    Ineligible Purchasers

    • Daily Rentals Companies
    • Independent Leasing Companies
    • Dealer Leasing Companies

    Our Sales & Leasing Consultants

  • Bathurst Honda

    2300 St. Peter Avenue Bathurst, E2A 7K2
    • Sales 1 855 764-7347
    • Parts & Services 1 855 764-7348
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    Business Hours

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    Parts & Services
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