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  • Safety technologies and self-driving vehicles

    Safety technologies and self-driving vehicles

    At the end of last year, Honda launched the all-new, 10th generation Civic, one of the best iterations of Canada’s favorite sedan.

    At the end of last year, Honda launched the all-new, 10th generation Civic, one of the best iterations of Canada’s favorite sedan. With it came Honda’s first mention of autonomous driving. The Civic LX is equipped with Honda’s Advanced Driving Assist System that includes numerous safety technologies, including lane keeping assist and adaptive cruise control; the closest you will get to an autonomous technology with a vehicle currently on the market. 

    The ADAS provides a list of safety features that also includes the Honda Sensing Suite, standard on mot Honda models. The ADAS is also a first step towards full automation, as unveiled at the GoMentum station. Honda invited journalists to a first demonstration of their self-driving technology. For the occasion, they equipped an Acura RLX with an array of sensors, radars, lidars and cameras. The setting was the GoMentum station, a disaffected military base located in California. In collaboration with the Contra Costa Transportation Authority, the city of Concord in California and the GoMentum Station team, they showed off their self-driving luxury sedan on the roads of the city grid-looking base that offers 30 km of paved streets and tunnels, the ideal playground to test the technology.

    Honda plans on having their first autonomous vehicles on the roads by 2020. Jim Keller, senior manager and chief engineer at Honda Research and Development Americas comments: “Automated vehicles have the potential to significantly improve safety and expand access to mobility.” Eventually, cars will communicate among themselves, but also with the road infrastructures which will ease traffic and reduce the risks of accidents. Until those great innovations come to be, there is still a lot of work to be done. Now that the technology for self-driving cars has shown great potential for success, ethical questions remain in determining where the liability lies in the case of a driverless car. Up until recently, Honda has not been part of the discussion. Big players had already joined in and started testing their own version of the technology so Honda took everyone by surprise when they announced that they would join the race to the autonomous vehicle. It is no wonder though considering how much importance is attached to safe driving technologies.

    The Honda Civic LX is available with its wide array of safety features at Bathurst Honda. Come and test drive Canada’s best selling sedan and discover what makes us the champions of safety.

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