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Honda HRC2163HXC

Details HRC2163HXC
The Honda HRC2163HXC commercial lawnmower, has a top speed of 6.4 km/h (4mph). It has 8 different cutting heights ranging from 1.9 to 10cm (3/4” to 4”). The 9-inch Nexine heavy-duty wheels have sealed ball bearings for durability and Honda’s twin-blade mulching system, along with an advanced deck design offer excellent cutting and mulching performance. The reinforced handle and durable hydrostatic transmission provides excellent durability for commercial use.
Engine type:
4-stroke; ohv
Honda engine model:
Gxv160; commercial-grade engine
163 cc (9.9 cid)
Ignition system:
Starting system:
Recoil starter and automatic compression release
Zone start safety system:
Air cleaner:
2 filter elements; foam and paper
Lubrification system:
Forced splash
Oil capacity:
0.65 litre (22.9 fl. imp. oz)
Recommended fuel:
Regular unleaded gasoline (87 octane)
Fuel capacity:
2 litres (70.4 fl. imp. oz)
Fuel consumption (approximate):
1.10 litre/hr (0.24 imp. gal/hr)
Choke system:
Ground speed(s):
2.88 - 6.44 km/h (1.79 - 4.00 mph)
Deck size:
53 cm (21 in) with front bumper
Deck material:
Heavy duty 15 gauge steel
Deck guards (material):
Standard (steel)
Deck type (standard):
Rear bag/mulcher
Cutting height range:
1.9 - 10 cm (3/4 - 4 in)
Cutting height adjustments:
8 positions
Wheel size:
23 cm (9 in) with deep tread
Wheel material:
Wheel bearing:
Ball bearing on all wheels
Grass bag:
Bag capacity:
88.0 litres (2.5 bushels)
Discharge chute:
Rear mounted side discharge chute optional
Mulching capability:
Mulching plug / cover:
Mulching system:
Dry weight:
54.8 kg (120.8 lb)
Standard (twin-blades)
Blade control system:
Blade brake clutch (roto-stop) std.
Standard configuration:
2 in 1 mulch/bag
Optional configuration:
3 in 1 with optional rear mounted side discharge chute
Versamow system:
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