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Honda HRR21610VYC

Details HRR21610VYC
The HRR2169VYC features the Honda Smart Drive control with a variable speed transmission. By resting your hands on the handlebar and lightly pressing your thumbs on the Smart Drive lever, you can increase or decrease the lawnmower’s speed. This truly self-propelled lawnmower then pulls itself forward with virtually no effort on your part. This 21-inch (53-cm), steel-deck lawnmower is powered by a GCV160, 4-stroke, overhead cam Honda engine certified to meet EPA and CARB emissions levels and includes many features that make it easy to use like the Honda designed Automatic Choke System (ACS) with full throttle control, the complete 3-in-1mowing system; bagging, twin-blades mulching or rear discharge, the large-capacity rear grass bag (85 L), the exclusive 3-in-1 Clip Director and the Roto-Stop blade stop system. This system allows the lawnmower’s engine to run without the blade spinning, meaning the operator can empty the grass bag or cross a gravel path without having to stop and restart the lawnmower. Honda’s MicroCut system, standard on the HRR2169VYC, uses twin blades and a special deck design to produce finer clippings, which take up less volume. That way, the bag fills up less often, and the clippings decompose faster to fertilize your lawn. The lightweight HRR2169VYC is well equipped to handle large lawns with less effort.
Engine type:
4-stroke, ohc
Honda engine model:
160 cc (9.8 cid)
Ignition system:
Starting system:
Recoil starter (handle mounted)
Zone start safety system:
Air cleaner:
Paper cartridge
Lubrification system:
Forced splash
Oil capacity:
0.55 l (19.4 fl. imp. oz)
Recommended fuel:
Regular unleaded gasoline (87 octane)
Fuel capacity:
0.93 l (32.7 fl. imp. oz)
Fuel consumption (approximate):
1.10 l/hr (0.24 imp. gal/hr)
Choke system:
Variable speed (vst) with multi-position smart drive
Ground speed(s):
0 - 6.44 km/h (0 - 4.00 mph)
Deck size:
53 cm (21 in)
Deck material:
Steel (16 gauge)
Deck guards (material):
Deck type (standard):
Rear bag, mulcher, rear discharge
Cutting height range:
2.9 - 10 cm (1.125 - 4 in)
Cutting height adjustments:
6 positions
Wheel size:
20 cm (8 in)
Wheel material:
High impact plastic
Wheel bearing:
Ball bearing on rear wheels
Grass bag:
Bag capacity:
85.0 l (2.4 bushels)
Discharge chute:
Rear discharge chute standard
Mulching capability:
Mulching plug / cover:
Mulching system:
Microcut system
Dry weight:
41.1 kg (90.6 lb)
Standard (twin-blades)
Blade control system:
Blade stop system (roto-stop) standard
Standard configuration:
3 in 1: mulch, bag, discharge
Optional configuration:
4 in 1 with optional leaf shred
Versamow system:
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