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Honda HSS928CT

Details HSS928CT
Honda’s new dual-stage, wheel driven HSS928CT snowblower features new technologies for better performance, more ease-of-use and increased durability. Powered by the latest Honda GX270 commercial grade OHV (overhead valve) engine, the HSS928WC clears a path 71 cm (28 in.) wide and 51 cm (20 in.) high, and moves up to 50 metric tons of snow per hour with a discharge distance up to 16 metres (52.5 ft.). New, firmer 2-ply tires provide a stable drive system which is ideal for flat surfaces and large areas, but is highly manoeuvrable in tight spots. The variable speed hydrostatic transmission features a single lever for accurate adjustment of ground speed without affecting auger rotation speed and quick switching between forward and reverse. It comes with a 3 year residential/commercial warranty, it's certified to meet or exceed EPA emissions guidelines, it's highly operator-friendly, and the HSS928WC has the Honda power and technology to clear heavy snow with ease. Maximum ground speed has been increased by 20% in forward and 15% in reverse to get the job done faster than ever before. Additional Features: • Standard work light • New built-in icing guard design prevents icing in the carburetor and provides better access to the carburetor drain bolt and fuel cut-off lever • New durable 2-ply tires with higher rigidity provide increased stability • New impeller design improves durability with greater snow discharge distances • Taller fuel cap with chain attachment makes refuelling easier, even while wearing gloves or mitts. In case of overfill, a run out in the tank design keeps gas spillage away from the engine and track • New automotive-grade steel auger housing for strength and durability • Redesigned chute with reinforcement plate for long service life • Interconnected drive/auger lever design with interlock feature allows both drive and auger levers to be held down with one hand, freeing the other hand for discharge chute, throttle and ground speed adjustments. • Reversible, two position skid shoes for versatility and extra-long service life (300% longer than previously) • Ice breaking, heavy-duty, serrated augers easily break through heavily crusted or hard packed snow left behind by municipal snowplows • Ergonomically-designed controls for operator convenience and safety • Oil drain extension makes servicing the engine easier and reduces the risk of oil getting on the track during oil changes • Large starter recoil handle for an easy grip – even with a bulky mitt • Easy, reliable starts in any weather condition with automatic decompression system and electronic ignition • Large 5 litre tank with standard fuel gauge provides extended run times between fill ups • Snow discharge chute turns a full 201 degrees (92 degrees to the right and 109 degrees to the left) on a heavy duty worm gear with remote manual crank • Easy to operate new choke lever design • Teflon coated cables are extremely durable and won't seize up in severe conditions • Reduced engine noise due to new large muffler design and standard deflector is especially welcome for early morning snow clearing or for operation close to nearby properties • Unique Honda shear bolt positioning allows for almost effortless removal, alignment, and replacement of both impeller and auger shear bolts when required – with no need for special tools • New type of retainer for the tool bar improves durability • A new side cover for the auger clutch cables protects against snow intrusion, assuring workability in severe conditions WARRANTY As a testament to their quality and reliability, most Honda snowblowers come with a warranty of 36 months for non-commercial use and 36 months for commercial use.
Drive type :
Hydrostatic transmission (hst)
Transmission oil capacity :
0.75 litre (26.4 fl. imp. oz)
Recommended oil :
Honda hydrostatic transmission fluid
Speeds :
Infinitely variable
Maximum ground speed :
Forward : 82.2 m/min. (269.7 ft./min) reverse : 47.4 m/min. (155.5 ft./min)
Clearing width :
71.0 cm (28.0 in)
Intake housing height :
51.0 cm (20.1 in)
Auger diameter :
35.5 cm (14.0 in)
Auger type :
Steel serrated (spiral)
Auger drive :
Belt driven shaft
Auger transmission :
Screw gear
Auger oil capacity :
0.16 litre (5.6 fl. imp. oz)
Recommended oil :
Sae #90 gear oil
Auger height adjustment :
Skid shoes
Chute rotation :
Remote manual crank
Chute turning radius :
Deflection control :
Remote manual lever
Chute material :
Maximum throw distance * :
16 m (52.5 ft)
Clearing snow volume capacity * :
Up to 50 metric tons (55 tons/hr)
Engine type :
4-stroke, ohv, single cylinder
Honda engine model :
Displacement :
270 cc (16.5 cid)
Ignition system :
Cdi magneto
Recoil starter :
Electric starter :
Lubrication system :
Forced splash
Oil capacity :
1.1 litre (38.7 fl. imp. oz)
Recommended oil :
Sae 5w30 api service classification sj or later
Fuel capacity :
5.0 litres (1.1 imp. gal)
Recommended fuel :
Unleaded gasoline (pump octane rating 86 or higher)
Operational time per tankful ** :
2.2 hours
Wheel/tire size :
14 x 4.6 - 6 (2 ply)
Overall length :
141.0 cm (55.5 in)
Overall width :
72.5 cm (28.5 in)
Overall height :
111.5 cm (43.9 in)
Dry weight :
95 kg (209 lb)
Lighting coil :
Work light :
Warranty :
36-month, non-commercial use / 36-month, commercial use distributor’s warranty
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